We Did the Shopping and Research For You. For The Best Deals We've Found Scroll Down
We Did the Shopping and Research For You. For The Best Deals We've Found Scroll Down

#4 Windsor Rapide Disc – MSRP $1095 | Best Deal $399*

Windsor Rapide Disc Hybrid Bikes MSRP $1095

Best Deal Found* $399.95
Windsor Rapide Disc Hybrid Bikes MSRP $1095












            • Powerful Disc Brakes
            • Light Strong Aluminum Frames
            • Fast Aero Rim Wheels
            • Second Lightest Top Pick
            • Comfy Pro Carbon Forks


            • Only Black or Orange
            • Best for Smooth Paths

            The Windsor Rapide Disc hybrid bikes are also built to be fast, light and comfy. A bit higher in price than the lighter Mercier Galaxy Tour but this is due to the Rapide Disc using more powerful disc brakes. Hybrid fitness bikes equipped with Disc brakes are much more capable in more conditions than rim brake bikes. Rim brake bikes are a bit lighter.

            Features: Light and strong aluminum frames. Light and strong carbon forks are normally found on hybrids around $1,000. It’s the second lightest of our top 5 picks of Best 5 hybrid bikes for you. Also top spec is the 24 speed Shimano gearing and comfortable wide tires on fast aero profile rims.

            Compare: to the Trek FX S 4 fitness hybrid bike that sells for $1099 + local taxes. Most locations that will be around $1200. Both bikes have nice carbon forks and aluminum frames. The Windsor fitness hybrid bikes pull ahead with powerful disc brakes. The Trek FX hybrid has 20 speeds. The Windsor has 24 speeds.

            Get this Hybrid Bike if you want to ride smooth bike paths with 24 Speed Shimano shifting and Carbon Fork performance normally seen on hybrid and fitness bikes costing up to three times more and want capable, powerful disc brakes. The best street price we found for these hybrid bikes is only $399 (MSRP $1095)