We Did the Shopping and Research For You. For The Best Deals We've Found Scroll Down
We Did the Shopping and Research For You. For The Best Deals We've Found Scroll Down

#4 Gravity Swift PRO Disc Hybrid – MSRP $899 | Best Deal $399*

Gravity Swift PRO Disc

Gravity Swift PRO Disc










          • Powerful Disc Brakes
          • Comfy Adjustable Angle Stems
          • Comfy Elastomer Suspension Saddles
          • Comfy Wide Tires
          • Custom Color Rims, Black, Red, Green, Blue


          • Only in Matte Black
          • Only Three Color Rim Options Plus Black

          We picked the Gravity Swift Pro disc brake hybrid bike as one of the Best 5 For You over dozens of other brands. In our research we looked at hundreds of hybrid and fitness bikes from big names like Fuji, Specialized, Trek, Giant. We compared many other disc brake hybrid bikes and found that the popular Trek FX and Specialized Roll Fitness / Hybrid bicycles had similar good looks and specs like aluminum frames and powerful disc brakes.

          Price/Value: The biggest difference is at the cash register. The lowest cost Specialized with disc brakes is the Roll Sport which is around $550 + local taxes. So about $600 out the door. The Gravity Swift Pro has a best price of around $399 on sale online ( MSRP  $899 ). That’s a savings of over $150 when you choose the Swift Pro.

          The Swift Pro has some outstanding features.

          Comfort and Fit: The adjustable stem allows a more custom fit. Compare to the fixed stem on the more expensive Specialized Roll. Both hybrid bikes have nice wide tires for comfortable cruising and durability against street curbs and potholes. Both have upright positions for great comfort and awareness of the area around you. A nice elastomer suspension saddle on the Swift Pro takes the rumble and sting out of most surfaces.

          Performance: Both have powerful mechanical disc brakes for reliable stopping in virtually all conditions. When shopping around, disc brakes are always better than rim brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are a top choice but usually expensive.

          Custom Features: The Gravity Swift Pro hybrid bikes have a choice of custom rim colors. Blue, Black, Red or Green. Adjustable Angle Stem.