We Did the Shopping and Research For You. For The Best Deals We've Found Scroll Down
We Did the Shopping and Research For You. For The Best Deals We've Found Scroll Down

#1 Dawes Eclipse City Hybrid – MSRP $695 | Best Deal $249

Dawes Eclipse City Hybrid

Dawes Eclipse City Hybrid












            • Light Strong Aluminum Frames
            • Great Color Selections
            • Comfy Elastomer Suspension Saddles
            • Comfy Adjustable Height Stems
            • Comfy Wide Tires=Wide Range of Use


            • Not the Lightest
            • Popular Sizes Tend to Sell Out

            The Dawes Eclipse City make our top 5 by being the best value hybrid with a Full Shimano drivetrain. It’s hard to find a bike selling at this low price with a full Shimano drivetrain. Normally brands will skimp on the crank or shifter. It’s also well equipped with comfy saddles and nice swept back bars.

            Choose this if you want a bit lighter bike than the Rover and don’t need a suspension fork and don’t need wet weather disc braking ability like the Gravity Swift PRO.

            Comfy upright riding position, nice swept back bars, comfy elastomer cushioned saddles, comfy height adjustable quill stems allow you to position your self optimally.

            Like the Rover, the Dawes Eclipse features a light and strong aluminum frame and wheels. Beware of any bikes with low quality steel frames which may be cheaper, steel frames rust and are quite heavy. The aluminum frame will never rust, is light and strong.  This comfy hybrid fitness bike also has one of the widest tires of the Best 5 For You. Wide tires are cushier and afford you more protection from potholes and curbs.

            Street prices are running around $279 (MSRP $695) Available in a wide selection of colors which is nice and not seen at this price point. Mens Black, Red, Blue and Ladies colors like Lilac, Turquoise, Silver, Blue.